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vivardo Language Travel offers individual and personal advice , taking into account the special needs and requirements of the customer in order to ensure total customer satisfaction.

We at vivardo language travel can recommend the best place for you to learn English in Malta. We'll help you choose from the several language schools Malta has to offer and find the one that's best suited to your needs.

We'll also offer you a range of packages to suit your individual needs to study English. Whether you're after a General English Course, an Academic Year course or an Intensive week of English, we can guide you in the right direction to help you learn English in Malta.

vivardo Language Travel - Office Malta

Vecca Point
St. Pauls Street
SPB 1252 St. Pauls Bay

Internet: www.vivardo.com
email: service@vivardo.com


Office Germany (Austria and Switzerland):


vivardo Sprachreisen - Martin Janicki


Berner Stieg 1
22147 Hamburg


Tel: 0049 1803- 00 50 700 21 (9 Cent Min/ DTAG)
Fax: 0049 1805 - 44 66 4600 15 (14 Cent Min/ DTAG)


Website: www.vivardo-sprachreisen.de
Email: service@vivardo-sprachreisen.de



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