In the past few days Malta has featured in news channels all over the world

Malta is the word on everyone’s lips because, due to its close proximity to Libya and North Africa, it has become the evacuation point for people of all nationalities fleeing the turmoil in Libya. Malta is one of the top destinations for language learning, it is also the host of MTV’s annual summer concert ‘the Isle of MTV’ later this year.

However with the current political instability plaguing Libya and most of North Africa, one may wonder whether this will have any implications on Malta’s tourism industry and language schools. The answer to this question is, without a doubt, no. The Maltese Islands have been politically stable ever sine their independence in 1964, in addition Malta is a member of the EU and has been a popular destination of language learning for many years.

Being situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is only a couple of hours away by plane, it is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and has a culture rich in history and tradition. The British may not like to hear this but Malta has inherited prehistoric temples that are older than Stonehenge and even the Pyramids. Even the legendary Odysseus has been here, as a cave on the sister island of Malta bears witness. In addition to the multitude of activities Malta has to offer, language students receive optimal care from their schools and teachers.

Finally Malta’s thriving nightlife has long been popular amongst young students. It is not without reason that Malta has been chosen to host the ‘Isle of MTV’ concert for three consecutive years! The success speaks for itself, the number of students who come to relax and learn English on the sunny island of Malta gets greater every year!

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