English Courses in Malta

The beautiful mediterranean island of Malta, situated south of Sicily, is an ideal location for learning and practising English. Bilingual in Maltese and English, with a warm climate all year round, Malta is a safe, charming and friendly place to improve your English!

Who is the course suitable for?

Whether you are a student, a professional or a pensioner, learning English in Malta is the right choice for you! After completing a placement test, you will be put into a class that best suits your ability, with students who are at the same level as you. Like this you can learn the language together as well as meet new people and make new friends.While in Malta you can choose to stay either in a Hotel, Self-Catering Apartment, School Residence or Host Family.

Learning English in Malta is also a cultural experience.

Learning English in Malta will not only help you improve your English but will also help you apply the language and put it into practice. Staying with one of our specially selected host families will give you the opportunity to practise your English skills as well as experience Maltese culture at home and learn about the history,daily life, food and traditions of Malta.


Learning English in Malta is a different kind of holiday.

Those who learn English in Malta are always surprised at how "time flies when you are having fun". With a combination of studying English, sun, sea, sandy beaches, buzzing nightlife, rich history and meeting new people, Learning English in Malta is a truly enjoyable and unforgetable experience!


Good Luck with your English Course in Malta!

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