Exam Preparation Courses

If you need IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge to enter university or for your future career, why not book an Exam Preparation Course with vivardo Language Travel!

All students are given a placement test either before arrival or on their first day at school to determine their level of English. Students will then be placed in class according to their level along with students of the same level.


certificate of course completion will be given to each student at the end of their English language course. 


All our courses include the vivardo Language Pack, free assistance in booking and planning your language holidaytravel assistance on location in Maltafree travel guide as well as information about your school and accommodation. 


Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. The courses do not contain the relevant examination fees.

Course Name


per week                





20 Lessons + 5 private lessons max.12 +1  

Intensive Cambridge


30 Lessons max.8  

Super Intensive Cambridge FCE/CAE

40 Lessons                   max.8  


20 Lessons + 5 private lessons                   max.12 +1  

Super Intensive


 40 Lessons                   max.8