Longstays and Sabbaticals

vivardo Language Travel can help you organise your sabbatical and longstay in Malta.


The term "sabbatical" comes from the Hebrew word "shabbat", i.e, "Sabbath", meaning a rest from work, often lasting two months to a year. However, you might want an extended study holiday for other reasons such as a break after graduating, before starting a new job or maybe a break during your studies. Whatever the reason we can help you plan and organise your study holiday as well as give you all the support you need during your stay here in Malta.

We clarify the following questions:-


1. How do I approach my employer?

2. What do I have to take into consideration?

3. Financing.

4. Accommodation.

5. Insurance.

6. Organising your flight.

Contact us and we will do our best to answer all of your questions!