Language Schools in Malta

Global Village Malta - St. Pauls Bay
Global Village Malta - St. Pauls Bay

You've decided that you want to take an English course, Malta is your destination of choice but now you need to find a language school in Malta that will give you what you need. 


vivardo Language Travel offers a selection of Certified Language Schools in Malta to ensure high academic standards and quality assurance, where one can learn English using modern teaching techniques as well as proven traditional methods.


We can offer you a choice of several English language schools that all offer English Courses (Malta and Gozo) to suit different needs.   


If you scroll to the map below you can see all the English language schools we offer marked on the map. From there you can get an idea as to where they are; however, we are here to give you more information and details about each English language school (Malta or Gozo - depending on your choice) and inform you about the English courses they offer


We're your one-stop-shop for all that you need to know when booking an English course in Malta. We want to give you the best advice about English language schools in Malta to ensure that you make the most of your time here so contact us for more details and information.